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Business Owner's Policy

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) can provide with a packaged solution that helps cover your Owned Building or Leased Retail/Office Space, Inventory, Contents, General Liability, Commercial Auto, Worker's Compensation, Professional Liability, also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O), Cyber Security and Much More.

It just might be the best option for you & your business!

Customize Your Own B.O.P.

Commercial Property

Helps cover your rented, leased or owned commercial building or retail space against any Fire, Lightning, Hurricanes, Smoke & Water Damage, Burglary & Theft.


Helps cover your business Contents, such as your: Tools, Equipment & Inventory against any loss due to Fire, Lightning, Hurricanes, Smoke & Water Damage, Burglary & Theft.

General Liability

One of the most important coverages for a business owner; it helps protect you and the business assets in the event of any lawsuits due to any injuries, property damage or negligence. 

Commercial Auto
Cargo Insurance

Helps cover any Injuries or Damages you or your employees may cause during the course of business transactions. Besides offering Comprehensive, Collision, Any Auto & Hired Autos coverages, we also insure the Cargo.

Worker's Compensation

Employees injured during work hours can receive Worker's Compensation benefits as per state law, covering medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. We also offer Short & Long Term Disability.

Errors & Omissions
Professional Liability

This coverage helps cover you and your business and any of your employees against any Errors, Negligence or Omission mistakes which might arise from the services provided.

Cyber Security
Identity Theft
Business Income
Employee Dishonesty

With the ever growing threat of Cyber Attacks and Identity Theft on the rise, it's strongly recommended for business that deal with or store sensitive customer data, to be covered against any malware, hacks & ransomware attacks. 

When a business has to close it's doors down due to a covered insurance loss, like Fire, Lightning, Hurricane, to name a few, Business Income coverage will help supplement the business income while the repairs are done. 

Employment & Management
Practices Liability

To protect your business, it is crucial to have  coverage to help minimize any legal burdens arising from allegations against your employees or management.

Coverage  against discrimination, retaliation, harassment, wrongful termination, and defamation. Avoiding any excessive disruption to your business operations.

Commercial Flood

Flood insurance can help pay for any damages to your commercial building and its contents for any flood losses. Flood is typically not included with a standard Commercial Property insurance policy.

Commercial Umbrella

If your business or contracts demand a much higher liability coverage above your current split limits, you can obtain a Commercial Umbrella. These policies help supplement your Commercial General Liability and Commercial Auto Liability insurance by providing them with Excess coverage.

Starting out your business and don't have many references or much experience? 

A Surety Bond can help you gain the customer's trust by guaranteeing that they will be reimbursed in the event that the services agreed upon are not rendered or provided.

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